10 Useful Mobile Phone Apps You Must Use In 2019

I am sure your a smart phone user in 2019 and your here to findout with is the useful Mobile App for 2019

10 Useful Mobile Phone Apps You Must Use In 2019


Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle – you can still read your ebook directly on your smartphone. From best sellers to the classics, it’s all here, with more than 900,000 titles in Amazon’s store.


Facebook Messenger Kids might seem like it’s built for kids, but it’s really built for parents. With the app, parents have control over their kids’ contact list, and messages can’t be deleted — meaning that parents can check in to take a look whenever they want. Of course, there are some pretty sweet features for kids, like kid-appropriate stickers, GIFs, emojis, and so on.


Ever feel like there’s just too much news to keep up with? Nwsty might well be the app for you. It’s aimed at those who don’t often read the news, and makes it easy to keep up with the daily headlines without spending too much time on them. Each day, you get six to 10 headlines in your digest that you can quickly and easily read in a matter of only a few minutes.


Whether your league is football, baseball, hockey, or basketball, the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports app will give you everything you need to indulge in your fantasy play, including mock and league drafts, advice from experts, and easy management tools.

5 CamScanner APP

CamScanner turns your phone’s camera into a high-quality scanner.

The most popular mobile scanning app in the world, CamScanner is a huge time-saver. The app lets you scan and share images and documents via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

You can even turn images into documents with searchable text, so you don’t have to manually look through your saved photos.

6 MyFitnessPal APP

MyFitnessPal is a simple but powerful tool that can help you get healthier.

MyFitnessPal’s main feature is a calorie counter that you can use to log your food intake and meet your fitness goals. As Reddit user Creamed_ said:

“I lost 60lbs using this [app]. Just created a profile, entered my goals, and stuck to the daily limit and logged EVERYTHING. I’ve been overweight/obese most of my life and this not only worked but has helped me maintain the weight loss. The app has a massive database of foods. Also [has] a feature that allows you to scan the UPC barcode on things to look them up.”

7 Citymapper APP

Citymapper finds the most convenient way for you to reach your destination.

When it comes to transit apps, Citymapper is much more reliable and accurate than Google Maps, in my experience. This app factors in all possible travel options including subway, bus, rail, ferry, bike, and car sharing to show you the easiest — and quickest — way to get from point A to point B.

The app also updates in real time to give you accurate ETAs and alert you if, for example, a train will suddenly skip your stop.

8 Waze APP

Waze helps you outsmart traffic, saving you time and gas money on the road.

Waze app uses crowdsourcing to find you the best route to take when you’re driving. Drivers in your area share real-time updates about traffic, speed traps, police, and more, so you get alerts when you’re on the road.

The app can also show you the cheapest gas station nearby, to save you time and money.

9 Musi APP

Musi lets you stream music directly from YouTube, even when your phone is locked.

One of the most annoying things about YouTube’s app is that you can’t listen to videos after you lock your phone or exit the app. Musi lets you do exactly that, so it’s perfect for streaming music you can’t find on Spotify or Apple Music,

10 Mint APP

Mint helps you stay on top of your bills and develop better spending habits.

Mint app is an extremely useful way to see all your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments in one place. You can also set reminders to pay your bills and see informative breakdowns of how you spend your money.